So how did I get involve photographing 50+ cyclists riding their bike over 500 miles in 6 days to raise money to fight cancer? Well, rewind to 2004 when my high school classmate told me her father organizes this ride every two years. I volunteered and was hooked. It was like being on winning team with so many bold, courageous people from so many walks of life.

This year, I met up with them right before Bald Eagle State Park leaving Lock Haven en route to Bloomsburg University.

7M7A4492 7M7A4551 7M7A4563 7M7A4597 7M7A4609 7M7A4639 7M7A4652 Mark Taylor- South Mountain Cycles 7M7A4688 7M7A4718 Chainsaw Don 7M7A4749 Dave Joachim- Chef Salt 7M7A4813 7M7A4822 7M7A4848 7M7A4876 Bob Freed- Founder PPRAC 7M7A4898 7M7A4912 7M7A5061 Selene Yeager- Fit Chick 7M7A5073 7M7A5078 7M7A5082 7M7A5085