At the end of October, I took a long weekend trip to see some friends in LA and to see if I could shoot down at the Venice Skate park. My plan was to bring my Polaroid Land Camera and my Canon 5d Mark III to capture some of the skate culture and see if I could capture any natural moments that I could build into a promo. About a week before the trip, I happened to stumble on a video of 23 year old Conner Millan, showing him skating on crutches. I learned that Conner has spina bifida and an amputated lower left leg, but still shreds everyday!

What made his story even more fascinating was his passion for the sport. He traveled by bus from his hometown in Florida all the way to Venice to live on the beach and skate. I reached out to him on Instagram, we exchanged info and boom, one weekend later, I was eating pizza with Conner on the Venice boardwalk. We couldn’t walk 1 block without someone fist bumping Conner or giving him a shoutout. The man rolled deep with friends. Skate culture is in his blood.

My friend Jana ended up meeting up with us and writing up a nice story on him. By the end of the trip, I had spent almost two full days just hanging out at the skate park, from sunup to sundown. I made some friends from all around the world including Jessica and her family from Sweden, Manon from France and the amazing Sky from Japan. The park regulars were friendly and allowed me to pretty much be in the face for two days. So shoutout to the Venice Skate community.

While I was there I took some Polaroids and digitals and have the full gallery up on my website. We also found some blogs that will be running Conner’s story to share with the world. I’ll link to it as soon as the publish it.

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Skate Culture

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To see more check out the Polaroids or digitals. Full gallery is up on my website.